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Team Sunshine Performance Corporation is a Philadelphia based company of theater and dance creators looking for something unique, passionate, dark, and hilarious from contemporary American live performance.  Forming in 2008, Team Sunshine has created multiple shows and experiences through its own brand of collaborative play-making and writing.  Team Sunshine is committed to exploring unique ideas in art, entertainment, and sustainable careers for its collaborators.

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Team Sunshine Performance Corporation is dedicated to serving as a hub for the imaginative consideration of American culture and what it means to be a participant in it.

The company’s works, which come in the form of (1) original, ensemble-created performances and (2) interactive, audience-focused events that emphasize gathering-through-art.

By providing fun, well-crafted experiences, Team Sunshine creates opportunities for people to come together, get involved in their culture, and engage with the pleasures and difficulties of our contemporary experience.


In 2008…

BEN: Hey guys, I have this idea for a show, it’s about (this) (that) and (the other thing).
GUYS: Sounds good, let’s give it a shot.

2.2 years later…

BEN: Hey guys, I thought that went really well, maybe we should start a company and work with more of our talented friends.
GUYS: Sounds good, let’s give it a shot.

25 years later…

BEN: Woah, I can’t believe we saved the planet from being destroyed by performance-eating aliens. Maybe with all of our reward money, we can buy an island and live there.
GUYS: Sounds good, let’s give it a shot.

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Team Sunshine Performance Corporation is a Network of Ensemble Theaters member, with fiscal sponsorship under Fractured Atlas.