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a new play collaboration between Cuban and American artists

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About The Project

¡BIENVENIDOS BLANCOS! or WELCOME WHITE PEOPLE! is a new play created as a collaboration between Cuban and American artists. We’re making a show about US-Cuba relations, race, economics, and Cuban history. We all know we’re living in a complicated time, and the show is looking to hold both the Cuban and American perspective around race and economics.

This piece, a work about the story of Cuba and the way it twines with the American story, absolutely requires Cuban collaborators. Through several visits to Havana, Alex was able to connect with an incredible network of artists creating original work. As we worked with Cheryl, our generous fixer, host, and guide, we quickly realized she was crucial for the project, and brought her on as our Assistant Director. After 30 hours of auditions, she connected us with Jorge and Idalmis, spectacular actors, dancers, and thinkers. We cannot do the show without these people.

The Costs

Bringing our fellow artists to the US is expensive. Just as it seemed like travel and communication between the nations was easing, the federal government began to ice relations and move back to a threatening pose. Then came the sonic attacks… are you following this? Sonic attacks? I mean, come on. We were also committed to bringing on a majority Latinx design team, which meant some travel and housing costs added on.

So we need to raise more money than we had initially planned to get our cast and crew together. Your donations will cover:

  • Legal Fees for Visas

  • Passport Fees

  • Embassy Fees

  • Airfare

  • Housing

  • Stipends (you still can’t legally offer Cuban nationals a fee)

Meet the Cast and Directorial team!

Alex Torra

Director/Creator/Lead Artist

“Cuba is more than just a socialist time-capsule with 50s cars and swaying palm trees and rhythmic music. It’s a place shaped by complex history of money and power, and BIENVENIDOS provides us a glimpse into that. As a Cuban-American its something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, and I think, as Americans, engaging with the Cuba’s past can impact/shift/complicate the way we look at America’s past.

Moreover, BIENVENIDOS is part of a larger endeavor – to craft space for Latinx voices in Philadelphia’s contemporary performance world. Goodness, its not easy….as it is with our world, the white perspective sits comfortably in the center, not easily budged, but maybe we can coax it, lure it away with the same tactics Cuba has used to lure its “white” conquerors – flashy entertainment, swiveling hips, and the promise that you’ll finally get a break from how hard life is. Because its just so damn hard right now.

This work is personal, ambitious, both of this moment and the past, and its my hope that through this exploration you and I can find ways to understand ourselves and our world a little bit better.”

-Alex Torra, Director/Lead Artist












Assistant Director/Creator


Sound Design


Set Design




Lighting Design


Costume Design

Every dollar you give will be transformed into the creative time of artists whose perspectives are badly needed in the contemporary climate. Thank you, thank you for your consideration and your gift.

Most photos on this page by Kate Raines/Plate 3.  Picture of Makoto: Jen Cleary.

Major support for ¡BIENVENIDOS BLANCOS! OR WELCOME WHITE PEOPLE! has been provided to Alex Torra by The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage, with additional support from the Wyncote Foundation and the Network of Ensemble Theaters.