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We made it! The Decades Campaign was a rousing success- raising over $25,000 due to our matching funds, and your incredible support. More information about the Sincerity Project 2016 coming soon!

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Team Sunshine is a collective company– we create art, design events, and make decisions as a group. We also pay our bills as a group- and we’re hoping that group includes you.

We’ve been funding our pieces with a few one-off campaigns and the support of some great foundations. But our scope is growing now. The Sincerity Project is a 24 year iterative piece of art, re-imagined and presented every 2 years. We have 22 years to go. That’s a whole different scale- work over decades.  And the next installment is being presented by FringeArts this September!

So this ask is different. We’re asking you to come on board with us as one of our first supporters for a 22+ year journey. Get in on the ground floor. Build a launchpad. Get in before it was cool. For this piece and others, for the long haul.

We brought in some backup:

Thanks to some amazing donors, we have a dollar for dollar match up to $10,000, and a bonus $5000 if we hit that $10,000 total giving by June. That’s $25,000 total if we can raise $10,000. That’s amazing.

We’ll use most of that money to buy time- professional artist hours. The real resource that lets us create dances and armies and performance from nothing, design events that bring people together, and pull ambitious projects into reality. Your dollars become time, and that is an incredible gift.

Thank you for your support.  We truly appreciate it.  Let’s make incredible things together.  All the love,

Ben, Alex, and Makoto

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