The Sincerity Project: In Depth

The Sincerity Project (2018) is coming.

Join us for #3 of 13…

“the experimental world’s most timely performance piece…. [a] mind-tickling engagement…this memorable collection of heart-to-hearts, sublime movements, and ever-evolving competitions is one you need to see to believe. For real.” -Phindie

Real life inside of the theater.

The second iteration of an audacious 24-year performance experiment, The Sincerity Project captures the passage of time and its impact on the bodies and psyches of a group of individuals. Every two years, the same seven-person ensemble reassembles, engaging in a long-term process of creating and recreating structured performance over time. Together they piece a quilt of real lives, memories, predictions, ultimately displaying achievement of the unknown dream and loss of the unrealized future. The Sincerity Project is a theatrical anti-play ritual. It is a public accounting for the lives and communities we create. It is a true combination of life and art; an encounter with all that is beautiful and terrifying, funny and sublime.


Iteration #1 premiered at FringeArts in Philadelphia December 2014, with each subsequent installment presented every two years for the next 24 years. In each evolution of the work, these seven actors engage the same structured performance over time, piecing together a quilt of real lives, memories, and predictions for the future.

Shown in progress at FringeArts LAB space and with the First Person Arts RAW Program, the project was developed, in part, with assistance from The Orchard Project, a program of The Exchange (

The Sincerity Project was made possible by funding provided by the Wyncote Foundation, the Charlotte Cushman Foundation, and the generous supporters of the project’s Kickstarter.

Jen Cleary, Photographer.


Bayla R

“It’s so beautiful, it’s stupid. I hate you guys.”

Anisa G, Director/Creator

“The Sincerity Project has turned the lives of its makers into art and the performance of this art into a way of life. I’m simply blown away by the scope and ambition of their merging. If these guys stay true to their promise they’ll outshine every ensemble that’s ever existed, and I’m looking forward to getting older so I can see them do it.”

Jeremy G, Playwright

“For this first brilliant installment, the ensemble looked at their future prospects, the love they might find, the kids they might have, the bodies that will inevitably betray them, and the mortality that is staring them in the face, challenging them to last long enough to finish this project. And as they made a promise to themselves to see it through to its finale in 2038, so they invited their audience along for the lengthy, ambitious journey. It’s been a while since I laughed that loud, and wept that openly, and I can’t wait for 2016.”

“This creation of a live time capsule strikes me as an interesting social experiment, showcasing how bodies, relationships, and perspectives change — almost like the movie Boyhood, but without the neat narrative arc and with an even stronger dose of earnestness. The longevity of The Sincerity Project has the potential to be revolutionary in terms of how we think about theater, communication, and marking time…”
-Broad Street Review

Created by the ensemble and featuring Aram Aghazarian, Benjamin Camp,
Rachel Camp, Makoto Hirano, Jenna Horton, Melissa Krodman and Mark

Composer/Sound Design: Daniel Perelstein
Costume Design: Katherine Fritz
Scenic Design:Colin McIlvaine
Light Design: Maria Shaplin
Assistant Light Design: Melissa Mann
Technical Director: Robert Edmonson
Choreography: Sarah Gladwin Camp
Production Management: Katie Pidgeon
Stage Management: Rebekah Church
Dramaturgy: Ed Sobel
Audience Experience Manager: Liz Green
Assistant Director: Laurel Hostak

Aram Aghazarian is an actor, theater creator and teacher from Philadelphia and Elkins Park, Pennsylvania. He is a founding member of Strange Attractor Theatre Company: Forward Operating Base, A Terrific Fire, Enlightenment On E Floor North. Theater work includes 99 Breakups, PAY UP(Pig Iron Theater Company), Punchkapow, Zombie Defense Consultations, Terrarium (Team Sunshine Performance Corporation), Age of the Android (Animal Engine Theater Company, NYC), Alfred Hitchcock’s The 39 Steps, Eurydice (Perseverance Theatre, AK). Aram is adjunct faculty at Community College of Philadelphia. He holds a BA from Temple University and is a graduate of the London International School of Performing Arts (LISPA).

Benjamin Camp is an actor/creator/producer working in Philadelphia, and the Artistic Director of Team Sunshine Performance Corporation. He was lead artist for Team Sunshine’s Punchkapow, Terrarium, and Zombie Defense Consultations, as well as a core collaborator on all Team Sunshine projects and events including JapanAmerica Wonderwave, Huddle Live, and The Sincerity Project #1.  Benjamin has also had the pleasure of working with Pig Iron Theater Company, Shakespeare in Clark Park, Theater Horizon, and the Rosenbach Museum and Library, among others. Benjamin graduated with a BA Theater Major from Swarthmore College and completed the full program of Lecoq style training in physical theater and ensemble created theater at the London International School of Performing Arts (LISPA).  Benjamin was the recipient of a 2014 Independence Fellowship in the Arts.

Rachel Camp is an actor and teaching artist living in South Philadelphia.  She graduated from Montclair State University with a BFA Theatre degree and immediately moved to Philadelphia, where she has performed as an actor in plays, musicals, theatre for young audiences, and classical work, a singer with the 17-piece Summer Club band, a tap dancer with Jenn Rose, and a teaching artist for students ages 1.5-18 years old.  In her upcoming season she will perform with Team Sunshine, Theatre Horizon, 1812 Productions, and the Arden Theatre Company; she will teach at the Arden, the Kimmel Center, ZoomDance, the University for the Arts. Rachel was the recipient of a Barrymore Award in 2011 for her performance as a lonely, singing 10-year-old.

Makoto Hirano is a Philadelphia-based multidisciplinary performance artist. His ensemble and solo performance works have been presented nationally in numerous venues and festivals. As a performer/collaborator he as worked on critically acclaimed projects with Bill Irwin, Pig Iron Theatre Company, and Thaddeus Phillips/Lucidity Suitcase Intercontinental. Hirano’s work has received support from the Independence Foundation, Dance Advance, Wyncote Foundation, with commissions from the National Constitution Center, and local colleges and dance companies. Hirano is also a co-founder of Team Sunshine Performance Corporation, where he is a co-creator and administrator of all projects and events. A former-U.S. Marine, Hirano studied dance at Columbia College Chicago and earned his BFA at Temple University.

Jenna Horton, freelance performer and creator based in Philadelphia. Last seen as Karen in EgoPo’s production of The Children’s Hour, she has acted with Philadelphia theater companies including Shakespeare in Clark Park, Theatre Ariel, Inis Nua, and the IRC. She has also collaborated with Team Sunshine (The Sincerity Project, Hypotheticals, Henry IV, Terrarium), Annie Wilson (Lovertits), The Berserker Residents (The Jersey Devil, The Giant Squid), Bearded Ladies (007, Marlene and the Machine, Wide Awake), Lightning Rod Special (Let the Dog See the Rabbit), Applied Mechanics (Vainglorious), and Mark McCloughan (Mounting Etna) among others. Outside of Philadelphia, credits include Chorus for Nature Theater of Oklahoma’s Life and Times: Episode 2 and Ants with Polyglot of Australia. She holds a BA in Performance Studies from Brown University, attended the Headlong Performance Institute in ‘09, and writes for

Mel Krodman is a Philadelphia-based deviser, choreographer and performer of experimental theatre and dance. She works frequently with Pig Iron Theatre Company: Period of Animate Existence (2017), Gentlemen Volunteers (2015/16), Swamp is On with Dr. Dog (2015); Team Sunshine Performance Corporation: The Sincerity Project (2014-2038); No Face Performance Group: The Top(2016); and others. She is a co-producer/performer/creator of Those with Two Clocks with Jess Conda and Jenn Kidwell (in progress), and actor with MJ Kaufman’s new play Destiny Estimate(2017). Since 2010, Mel has worked in partnership with New Orleans-based choreographer Kelly Bond. Together they’ve made Elephant (2010), Colony (2012) and JEAN & TERRY: Your Guides Through Dark, Light, and Nebulous (premier: Fringe Arts, November 2016). They were 2014-2015 Artists in Residence at thefidget space in Philadelphia, The Lucky Penny’s Work Room in Atlanta (2015) and Theatre Emory’s Breaking Ground Series (2014). Mel has led practice-based workshops and lectures at Temple University, Theatre Emory, UNC Greensboro, Kulturama School for the Performing Arts in Stockholm, and The Congress for Research in Dance, and teaches workshops for Pig Iron Theatre Company nationally. She is a 2016 TCG Global Connections grant recipient and a proud graduate of the Pig Iron School for Advanced Performance Training’s inaugural class.

Mark McCloughan is an artist and writer in New York. As a founding member and Co-Artistic Director of No Face Performance Group he has performed in all of the company’s original works. He has worked with other artists and companies, including Pig Iron Theatre Company, Team Sunshine Performance Corporation, New Paradise Laboratories, Gabrielle Revlock, Mel Krodman & Kelly Bond, and Jenna Horton. Since 2014 he has collaborated with Eiko Otake as the dramaturge for her solo project A Body in Places. His conceptual drag project Ms. Teena Geist has performed at venues around Philadelphia including the Institute of Contemporary Art and Vox Populi Gallery. His poetry has appeared in Lines + Stars and American Poetry Review.

Alex Torra is a Miami-born, Philadelphia-based director, performer, producer, and educator. He is the Co-Founder and Resident Director of Team Sunshine Performance Corporation, where he serves as one of the company’s primary administrators and has directed all of the company’s full-length works including PUNCHKAPOW, JAPANAMERICA WONDERWAVE, HENRY IV: YOUR PRINCE AND MINE, and THE SINCERITY PROJECT (2014). Alex is also a Company Member and former Associate Artistic Director of Pig Iron Theatre Company, where he has worked on various productions over the last nine years as Performer/Creator, Director, Assistant Director and/or Creative Producer. Alex has received fellowships from the Independence Foundation, the Philadelphia Live Arts Brewery, the Princess Grace Foundation (the Grace Le Vine Theatre Award), Oregon Shakespeare Festival, and NY’s Drama League, and in 2013 was a finalist for the F. Otto Haas Award for an Emerging Philadelphia Theatre Artist. He received his B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania and his M.F.A. in Directing from Brown University.